Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hamsanandi and Sohini

One has to understand , learn and master something to write about it, is a general process. The kid while learning to walk (toddler) scribbles on the wall with whatever object in hand and the parents used to be happy about the kid’s drawing ability. I am exactly doing that while I write about Music . I request the readers to take the parent’s role. As a novice and a listener , I write as I see it and as I read it.
In my teen age, I liked all the A M Raja’s song so Kalaiyum Neeye Malaium Neeye attracted me for its strong base , karvai etc. Through that song I got attracted to raga Hamsanandi. I followed this raga with similar songs in Hindustani – it is called rag Sohini.
Hamsanandi is the janya ragam of 53rd Melakartha Gamanasrama and it is evening raga .
Sohini is the janya of Marwa Thaat and it is a pre-dawn raga
Hamsanandi is a shadava shadava raga ( 6 notes) in arohana and avarohan
S R1 G3 M2 D2 N3 S
S N3 D2 M2 G3 R1 S
The swaras are Shudha Rishabham, Antara Gandharam, Prati Madhyamam, Chatushruti Dhaivatam and Kakali Nishadham.
In carnatic music there are only few compositions so not much of scope for listeners. The few are Needu Mahima – Muthiah Bagavathar, Tirupathi Venkataramana- Purandara dasar, Pavana Guru-Lalitha dasar, Srinivasa Thiruvengadamudayan-Papanasam Sivan.
In cinema, there are lot of compositions (apart from Kalaiyum Neeye) and all of them are very popular.
Vedam anuvilum – salangai oli, Vaanam Niram Maarum- Dhavani Kanavugal,
O Poo Malai- Iniya Uravu Poothadhu, Raga dheebam Yetrum –Payangal Mudivadhilai, Rathiriyil Poothirukkum – Thanga Magan,
thesulavuthe then malarale in manalane mangaiyin bagyam

There are lot of compositions in hindi cinema too, but I am giving below the two best songs I have enjoyed:-
Kuhoo kuhoo boley re koyaliya- Swarna sundaree
Prema Jogana bana key- Mughal – e- aazam

In Mughal –e –aazam , the music director naushad wanted the best singer to sing for the role Taan sen in that movie and he had selected Bade Gulam Ali Khan, who did not want to sing for cinema. So, instead of saying no, he asked for Rs.25000/- per song then , when lata was given Rs..250 per song. Naushad gave that for 2 songs in that movie and one of the songs is Prema jogana in Rag Sohini. Similar thing happened in Tamil Cinema as well. K B Sundaramba did not want to sing for cinema at one time and she had asked for 1 lakh then for the movie Nandanar. She did sing and the success of the movie etc are historic record..

I am giving the link so that you all can listen .
I would have listened to Kalapini Komkali several times .great ! Ultimate ! wow!
I would travel any distance to listen to her.
Raag sohini by Kalapini Komkali

Do I have to tell anything about Balachandar. The speed , the best veena player available today will tell you, he has to take 100 years to get .

veenai balachandar - hamsanandi

pavanguru by Trissur Brothers
Srinivasa _-Papanasam sivan by Ranjani & Gayathri
they are great singers and i am sure you all will enjoy as well.
Pahi jagaj janani- Swathi Thirunal by Priya sisters

very popular song.
Rafi & Lata - Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya - Suvarna Sundari [1957]
Ustad Raza Ali Khan Raga Sohini

ustad bade ghulam ali khan-mughal-e-azam –prem jogan

great composition
vedam anuvilum – salangai oli
Kalaiyum neeye -A M Raja

Readers feel free to correct me to understand the music better.


  1. Sir.. amazing.. its a wonderful raaga. Raja has handled it very beautifully..

  2. Hi, your analysis is wonderful, i am to small interms of knowledge to comment this - Keep it up


  3. Great piece, dear friend.

    S. Gopalakrishnan, Delhi

  4. Amazed to see your analytical skills of different raags and that too one from Hindustani and another one from carnatic.
    You have very well said initially that “ One has to understand , learn and master something to write about it, is a general process” Yes the one should be a master even to analyse and critic about it. But I am still a toddler who is not even scribbling (yet to develop my fine motor skills). A lovely piece of article.. Keep penning it down.